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Zen Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a discipline born in Japan. The word simply means "pressure with the fingers." Thanks to the use of pressure at specific points along the meridians, it benefits conditions ranging from muscle pain and fatigue to injuries. It is used for sleep related problems, digestive problems, low energy levels or problems related to the emotional sphere, which can lead to stress and anxiety and subsequently to panic attacks. 

Shiatsu in its classic form is practiced on a soft futon (in any case it can also be practiced on the classic massage table or massage chair). The person receiving the treatment must wear comfortable and elastic clothing that allows for movement. The practitioner uses a combination of stretching along the meridian lines to increase flexibility, eliminating energy stagnation and increasing the energy flow to re-establish the regular circulation of body fluids. It is deeply relaxing and its movements are reminiscent of some yoga positions, useful for releasing tension.

Massaggio del punto di pressione
Boy shouts covered his ears with his han

Shiatsu and Stress 

First, it is helpful to understand the mechanism of stress, which is not an infectious disease that is attacking the body, but instead is a natural mechanism of functioning of our body; it exists for a reason:  Addressing an urgent problem that needs to be resolved quickly.

In this situation, our body is fully committed to the resolution of a problem (eg. A gazelle that must escape from a lion): the kidneys contract by secreting adrenaline and cortisol (increasing reactivity and alertness and decreasing sensitivity to pain) and helping to raise the blood pressure.

The solar plexus will rise, putting a "wall" between our emotional area (belly) and our rational area (head) in order to make us less emotionally involved and more lucid.

The diaphragm rises, so breathing comes from the high part of the lung rather than the abdomen. This will further accelerate the heart rate and provide more oxygen to the brain. Moreover, it warps our perception of time, giving us a sense of urgency.

In this situation, with the maximum of available energy, the mind is alert and fast, high agility and a remarkable detachment from emotions, we could "solve" the problem, and finally back to normal, "let go" as it is often said in Zen.

Unfortunately, too often, this does not happen,  problems one after another, responsibilities crush us and we will not allow ourselves even a few minutes to allow us to relax a little.

This constant pressure causes the stress mechanism to always remain active, or only decreases becoming even more devious and dangerous in an apparent state of calm. Anxiety occurs, a constant sense of alertness and the consequent collapse of the immune system and, perhaps, makes their appearance as allergies and intolerances.

In these cases, Shiatsu can be a valuable tool to regain our right to pull the plug, even for short periods, and then return to work. During treatment, the person can afford the luxury of thinking to herself, to relieve muscle tension, lower breathing, eliminate toxins, relieve the mind and perceive again a state of relaxation in which life flows and regenerates; and then, perhaps, with energy, dive back into your own projects or commitments with greater enthusiasm and a sense of satisfaction and lightness.

Panic Attacks and Shiatsu

According to Greek mythology, the God Pan (for whom the "panic" is named) is the instinctive part of man.  His sudden appearance causes terror in the nymphs who flee in front of him.  The more they flee, the more Pan feels compelled to chase. This situation causes panic in the nymphs, and represents the psychic circuit between the nymphs’ desire to flee and the excitement of Pan (The more I fear, the more I feel bad.  The more I feel bad, the more I am scared, characteristic of panic attacks).  Within us is instinct, passion, sexuality and primitive energy. They are all parts that are usually unheard from for a long time in those who suffer from panic attacks.  It is the profound nature of humanity. Living on the surface, trapped inside roles and masks, this rigid personality makes this profound strength burst forth violently, bringing with it a profound message that is also the need for a change. Pan the god acts this way when spring comes and awakens nature from the sleep of winter, bringing with it the freshness of a new season.

It is a god that has to do with the deep parts of humans and nature. He is also the god of dreams, and nightmares surely.  At the beginning what emerges can be scary.  But through our awareness and through a targeted willingness to face situations and obstacles that seem insurmountable, we can understand the message of the god Pan (or the panic) and the direction of our change.  Shiatsu can be useful for person to confront with calm awareness the situation  on an individual’s path.  A general cleaning allows recovery of depth in the well-being of the individual who, thanks to shiatsu, will find his direction to get better and listen to the warning signs that the body gives us, all accompanied by good breathing. Those who suffer from anxiety disorders and panic attacks are enhanced by manual art that has its roots in the wisdom of the East.

Donna sollecitata
Stame e pistillo

Seasonal Allergies and Shiatsu

An allergy is nothing more than a reaction to the  presence  of  a substance  deemed  noxious  by  our immune system. It is nothing more  than an excess  of   defense   of   our   organism.   It  triggers excessive production of histamines  causing  watery  eyes, sneezing, nasal discharge, etc.  The causes of this discomfort are  for  the most part the  pollens of plants  and  some  types  of grass.   In spring comes rebirth, both for plants and  for animals spring is green.  Inside us the organ that contains the green  substance and bile  in  the  spring,  the liver, regenerates itself.  The liver belongs to the wood element and is also the organ of defense of the immune  system.   Allergies are treated in autumn during the month of October.  With shiatsu we  start  with  the  liver meridian to provide  a treatment to  tone  the body.   During this time we  will try not to  eat  heavy  to avoid overtaxing  the liver,   sleep  well and  not  somaticize  anger.   Nutritional  supplements,  such  as  Dandelion Tincture or Glycerine Macerate Ribes Nigrum, can help the liver.  The liver purifies the blood and  provides  all the necessary elements.  

Shiatsu offers you prevention against allergies in a totally natural method, through  targeted  prevention that will be offered from October through December, before the advent  of the  new  winter  season.  This  series of sessions is targeted toward allergy prevention, but is also a prevention for the winter season, because  we are going to rebalance and strengthen our immune system.

Shiatsu for pregnant women

Shiatsu is useful in improving the balance and circulation of energy and therefore also of blood and bodily fluids. Shiatsu helps you relax, and consequently to deal positively with the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy.  The desire for a baby is  often  flanked by  psycho - physical  discomforts and fears. Shiatsu is a non-invasive art, all - natural relaxation  that  gives  beneficial  psycho - emotional  effects  ( for anxiety and fears  related to this event),   alleviates pain  in the back,  legs and  muscles  in general,  aids in the mitigation of nausea, and stimulates digestion and elimination. It reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleep.   The treatments usually begin from the first trimester and continue even after giving birth to aid recovery, breastfeeding, to lift postpartum depression,  but above all to learn techniques to  help  the baby.


The disorders that can affect pregnant women are varied. 

 - The 1st  trimester is a very tenuous and unstable phase with the attached embryo, physiological factors change, the mother has to deal with the increased volume of blood and fluids in the body. Among the most common complaints are: morning malaise, fatigue and accelerated heart beats. 

 - The 2nd trimester is more stable, often mom has more energy and this tends to be the easiest stage of pregnancy. The size of the  baby does not yet block the flow of energy.  However you may have disturbances such as heartburn, back pain, sciatica, fatigue and constipation. 

 -  3rd Trimester, at 34 weeks the fetus is just below the breastbone, the fetus fills the uterus / abdominal cavity among the mother's organs. The mother can experience the sensation of shortness of breath, frequent urination, discomfort after eating (must eat smaller amounts more frequently), Braxtron-hicks contractions, a feeling of heaviness, fatigue, possible swelling and edema in the ankles and hands, difficulty sleeping due to physical discomfort.  This stage is a time for mom to get rest, and not do anything stressful or tiring, preparing herself for childbirth. Towards the end of pregnancy the mother has gained 9 to 14 kg (3.5 kg baby, 3.5 / 5.5 kg amniotic fluid, placenta, blood and body fluids increase 3.2 kg increase in the volume of the breast and uterus). But there may be problems with insomnia - Pre-eclampsia, toxemia (PET), hypertension (edema), preterm labor, pain in the ligaments, laxity of joints, Pubic Symphysis Diastasis (SPD), where the joints of the pelvic tract relax overstretching the connective tissues that unite the pubic bones together, Diastases Recti Abdominis (DRA),  Carpal Tunnel, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, weak pelvic wall, collapse of the arch and anemia. Kegel exercises are recommended, squatting (not recommended for Pubic symphysis Diastasis).  In the last week we can use shiatsu to encourage the start of labor.

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