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Massaggio svedese

Shiatsu & Bodywork

Humanity has used the benefits of Shiatsu, for its own well-being, to help you and direct you in physical, emotional and spiritual processes. Contemporary Shiatsu is an interdisciplinary and holistic approach, designed to lead the body to self-healing, following an evolutionary process of the treated individual himself. This process is more commonly known under the name of Homeostasis, and is the natural tendency to achieve a relative internal stability of the chemical-physical properties that is common to all living organisms. Shiatsu & Bodywork use firm pressure in very specific points using the energy meridians of our body,  it is deeply relaxing.

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” Lao Tzu


 Massimo Cifali

-   Operatore Shiatsu Certificato  (Attestato di Qualità e di qualificazione professionale dei servizi prestati) 

    Socio APOS e DBN (Associazione Professionale Operatori Shiatsu e Discipline Bio Naturali) Italia


- Zen Shiatsu (Graduate of Professional Asian Bodywork Program and Massage Diploma Adjunt Training) Evanston,     Illinois USA

-   Illinois Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist


-   Thai Bodywork (Stile Nuad Bo-Rarn, include tecniche basilari,  intermedie, and livello I - II - III - IV)


-   Thai Foot Reflexology (Certificato di partecipazione professionale)

-    Reiki (Natural Healing) Italia


-   Certified Practitioner with the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA)

Thai Foot Reflexology

Reflexology has a very ancient history: the first made-​​at-the-foot treatments were applied in China and in India in 5000 BC, where they used treatments that used finger pressure to influence the energy fields of the body (acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu). This discipline also fairly widespread in the West.

A witness to the antiquity of this practice is the "Tomb of the Medici" at Saqqara (Egypt, 2330 BC), where the walls are painted with a scene of foot reflexology.

Reflexology is a holistic discipline based on the principle that every aspect of an individual's life influences the welfare and health of the person, and operates with the intention to rebalance the entire body in order to stimulate the capacity for self healing.

Thai reflexology, based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, has positive effects on various ailments and diseases, stimulates the organs of the body, stimulates blood and lymphatic system in the body, stimulates the nervous system of the body, helps to promote deeper relaxation and release stress, and stimulates the immune system.


R e i k i

The philosophical thought of Reiki was born in Japan in the 19th century. To understand its meaning and what it does, we must start by talking about what subtle energies are, and also the Chakras.

The word Chakra comes from India, and is mentioned in yoga, where we talk about "Nadi" energy channels and its points where the energy channels the Chakras.

The Chakras are like funnels that rotate and make the energy flow inside them; their good functioning is very important, because they are connected to the psyche and to our physical body. This energy, together with food, gives us nourishment and energy that our body needs. Consequently a badly managed emotion can cause some specific Chakras to close, which can create disturbances on the psycho-somatic level. The universal energy freely penetrates all the layers of our aurea through the Chakras but also through our breath, but if these are blocked this will not be able to carry out its nutritional task creating an energy deficit.

Reiki serves to harmonize these Chakras to restore the balance that the body needs. Hence the word Channeling because those who practice it act as a channel between this energy that surrounds us, and that is found everywhere in the universe and the point to be treated, which at that moment is in disharmony.

Trace of monk meditating in lotus positi

Chair Shiatsu

For Corporate Gatherings or Special Events, or as or when you prefer.

The best way to relax. The duration of the full treatment is 30 minutes or more, while for groups is 15 min . The treatment focuses on the back, neck, head, shoulders and arms relaxing tensions and giving new energy  to your body, ready to start anew . 

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